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Our heritage

In Colonial was founded 8 years ago serving Colonial Style Chinese Cuisine since 2014.  After serving thousands of guests, In Colonial have a deep understanding of the desired flavours of Colonial Chinse Cuisine sought by our local customers, especially the Muslim friendly , which does not have many choices for them.

Our Production Facility and Central Kitchen is situated at The Kompleks Makanan Halal Negeri Pahang. Here we can implement the art of authentic cooking in a modern production environment that is awarded the highest-level certificate in food production by the local authorities. While our facilities are equipped with the newest technologies, some touches, such as stir frying our rice and noodles, are best left to our chefs. Hence, the result is an authentic, handmade meal.

In Colonial Meals ready to Eat (MRE’s)

For enquiries, please contact: 018-224 3066 (MRE Meals Division)




We bring Authentic Muslim Friendly Chinese Cuisine to you. In today’s crowded supermarkets with their thousands of products, we stand out by offering simplicity. Our meals are easy to recognize, simple to prepare and simply delicious. Now everyone can have a decent authentic Chinese meals at their own comfort.


Authenticity is key. Our focus is the content, not the packaging. We don’t use complicated packaging, just a clear and simple package that shows our meals. We want our customers to know what they are buying, that's our commitment to authenticity. Authenticity can mean different things to different people, but for us, authenticity means it is the true taste.


We pride ourselves in surpassing our customers’ expectations. We aim to provide delicious meals that they can enjoy quickly and conveniently – and at the best possible price. Taste and convenience are crucial, but the meal will only be enjoyable if customers really feel they have got their money's worth.

In Colonial Licensing & JV Opportunity

We welcome any entrepreneur and likeminded people who share their passion in In Colonial food culture and to grow the business together in Malaysia and overseas through In Colonial licensing opportunity.

Under the business licensing plan, we provide training, strategic resources & plan to advance your business plan so please send your enquiries to the email below to explore the exciting opportunity !

In Colonial has a cooperative team, innovative development, a mission-critical central thinking, and determination to deepen new Muslim Friendly Chinese Cuisines. We sincerely welcome you to recognize the concept of in Colonial and the entrepreneurial philosophy and open up a path of international food culture.

For enquiries, please contact: 018-224 3066
(In Colonial Licensing Business Development)

In Colonial is open 7 days a week for Lunch and Dinner
We're open 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Monday - Sunday

So, do you have any plans for dinner in Kuala Lumpur? Are you having trouble looking for a good Chinese food in KL? If you’re looking for an exceptional Chinese restaurant in KL, we invite you over to sit back and enjoy this extraordinary dining experience in a serene, ultra- comfortable and idyllic atmosphere, In Colonial style!


Kam Tsang Ming

Executive Chef

This culinary marriage of East and West is the creation of Executive chef Kam Tsang Ming, an incredibly focused chef with a passion for creating extraordinary dishes.

He started cooking at the tender age of 16 in Hong Kong. Later on, he moved to Switzerland where he stayed for 20 years, during which time his culinary skills were further sharpened to perfection.

He was an Executive Chef in the largest Chinese restaurant group in Switzerland before he decided to bring his extraordinary culinary skills to Malaysia. His highly-developed sense of creativity and prowess has allowed him to come up with exquisite dishes that are inspired by Chinese and Asian cuisine and some ingredients which are Western in nature. 

These unique specialities can only be experienced at In Colonial. Hence if you’re looking for unique Chinese food, this is the place to dine!




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